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PERTCONSULT is a management and technicalconsultancy firm established in Manila, Philippines in August 1981.  After a decade of successful consultancy engagements in the Philippines and abroad, the firm used a new business identity, PERTCONSULT International, to respond to the upsurge in demand for international technical consultancy services. As a general consulting firm, it provides a full range of services from reconnaissance/investigation survey and project evaluation through planning and design to construction supervision/quality assurance and project management.  As an independent consulting firm, it has no commercial, manufacturing, supply and construction interests.

PERTCONSULT International through its wholly-owned subsidiary firm, PERTCONSULT International (USA) was commissioned by AECOM Technology Corporation (ATC) of Los Angeles, California, USA for the Project Management and Systems Review Assessment Tasks for the 2nd $18B Tranche of USA for Iraq’s Coalition Provisional Authority’s (CPA) efforts to coordinate the reconstruction activities throughout the country.  Services included Program Administrative Management Support to CPA Project Management Offices in Iraq and at the US Department of Defense (DOD) in Washington, D.C.

PERTCONSULT International grew and established itself by delivering design and construction management services for the development of vertical and horizontal structures in public works, as well as participating in the design, construction supervision and management of projects assisted by financial institutions such as United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Asian Development Bank (ADB), The World Bank (WB), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and USAID. In the 1990s, PERTCONSULT began undertaking significant programs and project management engagements on its own and also began to expand within Southeast Asian Region to countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and East Timor including some countries in Middle East (Iraq) and Central Asia (Tajikistan).  The above subconsultancy services with AECOM’s project in Iraq demonstrates that PERTCONSULT can culturally adapt to deliver valued-added engineering services in areas for reconstruction/development activities

The scope of technical services as required for the listed disciplines are rendered by PERTCONSULT International in accordance with the following breakdown of major activities:

  • Preliminary Investigations
  • Feasibility Study and Master Planning
  • Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Preparation of Contract and Tender Documents
  • Assistance on Tendering
  • Project Management/Construction Supervision
  • Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Independent Design Checking and Certification Engineering
  • Special Studies/Other Technical Services
  • Computer Assistance

Preliminary Investigations – This activity serves as a basis for deciding whether further investigations are worthwhile, and if so, what should be their scope, direction, sequence and costs.  Preliminary investigation and demand analysis, preliminary mapping and soils investigation, and pre-feasibility studies are designed to determine and compare the reasonable alternatives and narrow down the options.

Feasibility Study and Master Planning – This activity serves as a basis for making the final investment decisions, and for seeking internal and external financing.  Feasibility studies usually include analysis of the most promising alternatives (using the methods of financial analysis) and preparation of alternative financing plans for the chosen solution.  Feasibility Studies further include preparation of framework plan.

Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design – This activity serves as a basis of the final decisions regarding architectural/engineering design and costing aspects.  The scope of services includes detailed design and construction drawings preparation, detailed cost estimate, technical specifications preparation, coupled with the advice on methods and/or procedures of construction to be adopted.

Preparation of Contract and Tender Documents – This activity serves as basis for inviting national or international Tenderers.  This includes advice on the grouping or “packaging” of civil works, supplies and equipment under single contracts, and comparison of different types of contracts, bonuses and penalties, basis and modes of payment.

Assistance on Tendering – This activity includes the procedure for pre-qualification in case of national or international tendering, the techniques of comparing tenders and the actual comparisons and recommendations for Award.

Project Management/Construction Supervision – This activity consists of overseeing the construction contractor of a particular project to check whether all works are being done in accordance with the design drawings and technical specifications and to ensure the timely completion of the project.

Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation (PBME) – This activity deals with the determination of the overall impact of the project “during and after” the project is completed and the comparative assessment of the benefits and costs arising from the completed project against the assumed or projected during the pre-construction stage. The PBME will measure the effectiveness and impacts of the project upon the socioeconomic, institutional, and environmental aspects in the influence area so that lessons can be drawn and reflected in future project undertakings.  It will also assess the overall implementation, including the current situation, operation and management of the completed projects to ensure proper operation, implementation schedule and institutional/ organizational arrangements in the future.

Independent Design Checking and Certification Engineering – This activity include services provided by Independent Consultants (ICs) appointed by the Concessionaire/Contractor or by the Grantor of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects.  The ICs act fairly and impartially between the Concessionaire and the Grantor at all times in accordance with the terms of BOT Project Agreement.  In Independent Design Checking, the IC reviews and confirms that the Final Engineering Design conforms to the design standards and specifications agreed upon for the BOT Project.  The IC’s confirmation is a pre-requisite for final review and approval by the Grantor of the detailed engineering design works prior to construction.  In Independent Certification Engineering, the IC monitors and periodically inspects the construction to ensure and certify that the same is in compliance with the relevant approved design and construction specifications.

Special Studies/Other Technical Services – This activity includes non-standard type of work such as hydraulic studies, river morphological studies, pavement evaluation and other related studies.

Computer Assistance – This activity includes analytical and design works in the field of activities can be best accomplished at high-speed accuracy with the use of computers.  The analysis and design of structures and hydraulic conditions, estimates of quantities and costs, and value engineering analysis are among the company’s established computerized systems.

Information Technology and Computer Capabilities.  PERTCONSULT International, through the years has continuously upgraded its Information Technology (IT) capabilities by acquiring the latest database and spreadsheet programming softwares and more powerful computers and acquiring the services of top caliber systems analysts, computer specialists, database/spreadsheet programmers, and encoders.  This makes the firm capable of establishing working databases to meet the demands of projects for “user friendly IT’s.

Aside from upgrading its IT capabilities, PERTCONSULT has acquired various computer programs for engineering design, planning and project scheduling, and construction management services.

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